The 17 schools of North Penn School District


I didn’t run into any huge challenges when making my Google map because Google Maps is relatively easy to use. However, it was my first time ever making a map like this so there is definitely always room for improvement. I researched this topic by using the North Penn School District website. Also, a lot of the information was either opinion based on experience or common knowledge from going to North Penn schools. It took me about an hour or a little more to create this map especially because there were so many points on the map that I had to find pictures for and write descriptions. I didn’t have a lot of control over the design for this map because it’s the same layout. For my pinpoints, I chose orange, yellow, and red because those colors remind me of school. I chose a school bus for elementary schools because bus connects to school, I chose a cap for middle school because it also connects to school. Lastly, I chose a heart for the high school because everyone combines into that one school making it the most important one.

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