Remember to Wear Your Helmet!

My diagram was actually inspired by my siblings! I headed home the other day to babysit them and when we went to the park, they rode their bikes. Inspiration was born! I used Canva to make this diagram, I started from scratch with a postcard template. The bike icon was found on Canva as well. All of the bike parts information was found from Road Bike Rider.

The research for this for very minimal, all I had to do was google bike parts and several other diagrams and informational websites came up. The research only took about 10 minutes to gather, creating the diagram itself took about 45 minutes. I chose the icon I did because it was the only one that had enough detail to be able to build a diagram around. As far as the design process goes, I chose the color green because I felt the text would be best seen on that background. I kept the color scheme limited to green, orange, brown and blues.


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