An Inside Look in the Human Skull

By: Teresa Nappo

For this week’s infographic, I decided to use a different program than what I have used for the last couple of assignments. I chose PowerPoint rather than Canva because I felt that I needed a wider space for this infographic. I started from scratch by using a blank PowerPoint slide then added all the elements to it. I really liked using this program since I have been using it for the past couple of years for various projects, so I knew where everything was.

The research on this project was very minimal because I learned about the human skull previously in my anatomy and physiology class in high school. The overall research took about a half hour and the creation took about an hour. I researched the human skull on the website The Human Memory while also looking at several diagrams.

For my design process, I wanted to keep the colors neutral since the diagram is already colorful. So, I chose the colors black and white for the text and background. I also wanted to keep the facts on the opposite side from the actual diagram.

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