What Do You Know About The Human Brain? 10 Quick Facts.

Diagram Credit : https://tinyurl.com/8uzd33w2

Reflection :

My favorite program to use is Canva. I have a lot of experience with Canva. I like it because it’s simple and allows you to make your ideas come to life. For me, I started from scratch and did not use a template. This project required me to find a diagram and create an infographic with information pertaining to it. I feel as if a template would have taken away from that. The only thing I dislike about this program is that the free features only stretch so far with it. I find a lot of elements I would love to use, but I would have to buy a subscription. I researched this topic and other body parts to figure out what interested me the most. The brain amazes me, so I went with that. The facts you can find on the brain are endless and so surprising to me. Researching and finding a central idea took longer than creating the infographic because I already knew what I wanted it to look like before I even started. My design process was simple due to the fact I did not want it to be cluttered. With all the information, I had to use the bare minimum and keep it crisp. The reasoning for the font colors and background was that I wanted to keep the same color scheme as the diagram throughout the whole infographic.

Source Credit : https://tinyurl.com/mpf3r9dy

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