Stop Calling it a Vagina: A Diagram of the Female Genitalia

I think it’s fitting if I briefly explain the inspiration for my infographic before I get into the research and design process. This semester I’m taking a Gender and Politics class and we are currently discussing female reproduction. I began to notice, in conversation and even in feminist literature, vagina is commonly (and incorrectly) used to refer to the female genitalia. When I saw the “It’s “Wine” Not Dark Red” Infographic my immediate thought was: stop calling it a vagina, then.

For this infographic I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Spark. This was my first time using Adobe Illustrator and I actually simultaneously watched the LinkedIn Learning course while making the vulva. The course was incredibly helpful. I had a lot of fun using Illustrator and I plan to use it going forward. I want to start making my infographics without Canva because I want to make them completely from scratch, and I recently learned that they own your content if you use their service. It took me about an hour and a half to design the vulva and I made three versions before deciding on this one. It took me about another hour to label it and decide the layout in Spark. I debated using the pink and green because I know we learned about red- green colorblindness but I believe the difference in shades make it okay.

For researching this topic, I looked first at the anatomy of the vulva to decide what to label so the infographic didn’t look too crowded. Then I looked at other pictorial diagrams. I noticed right away that other diagrams typically don’t use any color and are primarily scientific illustrations. I wanted my infographic to be anatomically correct but less hyper-realistic. I chose soft colors and curved lines for these reasons. I recognize that this will never be used in an educational setting because it’s not detailed enough (there’s no real distinction between the fourchette and the labia minora) but I could see this being on Planned Parenthood’s Instagram and creating content for them is a lifelong dream of mine.


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