Say Cheese!!!

When creating this infographic I used Canva! Canva is always my go to program because I use it for BUnow and now with taking this class I am learning more how to navigate my way through this program with all the different infographics I am creating. I started from scratch all I did was get a carton tooth off of google but I then began to label all of the parts of the tooth. I then added an interesting fact and added a title to make this flyer more appealing to read and look at with the digram I created. I really liked the program I used because I am used to using it and all of the work this semester for this class I have been using Canva. Canva is a great program and very easy to use and navigate.

I knew right after reading the directions for this infographic that I wanted to do my research on parts of a tooth. Both of my parents are dentists so I always grew up having them tell me to always brush my teeth etc. I searched on a ton of different websites to see the parts of the tooth and the 10 that stood out most to me. The 10 I chose are to me the most important ones people should know about the tooth and also a lot of them are very common ones people know about and have heard of.

I would say the research took me another 20 to 30 minutes to make sure I found reliable websites to use. It didn’t take me too long to design this maybe an hour to make the diagram on Canva. I am getting better with navigating my way through this program so my designs are getting done quicker I feel every week.

I chose the color of the background of the infographic because it’s not a to flashy of a color but it also helped the labels stand out more with the lighter purple/pink I ended up choosing. The color also made the diagram stick out more in my opinion. I chose the font because it made it look clean and organized and I chose to make the label and title bold font so that stood out in the infographic. I decided to add an interesting fact because I thought it would be a good way to learn about the tooth because when I read that fact online I didn’t even know that fact I chose.

Teeth Information 
Fun Facts

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