The Harsh Temperatures of Space

For my pictorial diagram I decided to focus on the solar system, more specifically the average temperatures of each planet. I also included the sun since it is the most prominent figure of the system. I used Canva for this infographic because they had stock free images of the planets in their elements tab. I am also very familiar with the program at this point and know how to use the functions properly.

I researched this topic on the NASA website and everything was there besides the sun’s surface temperature. I had to navigate to another page, but I found that information quickly. It took me only around 20-30 minutes to find all of my information since I am already aware of the planets and their order. My design process was to find the background and header first. I wanted to go along with the space theme so I did stars for the heather and a galaxy background for the content. I then found all of the planets in the elements tab and organized them to have proper spacing and order. Finally, I just added all the text and formatted it to fit the theme as well as the organization.


NASA Average Temperatures

NASA Sun Temperature

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