What is Gender?

By: Jessica Luecke


For the program, I chose Procreate. When I saw that this weeks project was based on illustration I knew that I wanted to use procreate. Procreate is software that I use regularly for digital art and I knew that doing large scale diagram would be easiest on software I could create on.


I took inspiration from a diagram I have seen used multiple time to describe an individuals relationship to their own gender and wanted to reinvent it. The original design concept is the gender-bread man, this was extremely helpful for me when I was learning so I wanted to make my own.

Design process

My design process began with the drawing of the bear, I knew i wanted it to be kind of rough, and look like a sketch. One thing I know I could improve on is the variety of fonts and the spacing. Originally the background was a light shade of blue but the black made the main colors not look so chaotic. I also added the lines at the end to balance out the infographic and fill the empty space.



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