Field Hockey Essentials

The program that I used was Canva. I have become very comfortable with using Canva, as I have been using it for all the projects thus far in the workshop. I started from scratch when creating this diagram. I definitely prefer starting from scratch because then I am able to completely control of the layout and outcome.

I have been playing field hockey my whole life, so I figured this would be the perfect topic to do my pictorial diagram on. I did additional research on the facts at the bottom of graph. The website that I used was I decided to use Erin Matson as my picture because she is one of the best field hockey players nationally. She is the top-goal scorer in history at UNC and she is a player for the USA National Team.

This whole project took me about an hour to do. I’m very familiar with using Canva, as well as general field hockey information, so it took me a much shorter time than previous projects. I decided to keep my colors pretty neutral considering Matson is wearing a bright red jersey in the center of the diagram. I added small graphics at the bottom of the diagram to help enhance the field hockey facts.

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