This might just Blow your Mind


For this weeks assignment I decided to continue with using Canva for my infographic. I’ve grown a lot of confidence with this program and feel most comfortable with it. My favorite thing about Canva is that it has its own app for you phone, so I am able to work on my infographic on both my laptop and iPhone if necessary. I disliked a few things about Canva in the past, but this week the program gave me no problems.

I researched this topic on This site offered various forms of research on the brain itself. It not only provided the facts and anatomy of the brain that I needed to successful create this infographic, but also went much deeper into the brains functions and common diseases and disorders located in the brain. I really recommend this site to anyone looking to further their knowledge with the brain.

It did not take me very long to research this topic because of it’s popularity, I would say I found the research itself within 20 minutes. However, on the other hand I surprisingly struggled finding an appropriate image of a brain. Most of the images of brains I found were either already labeled or had a white background to it which made the infographic look very unprofessional. After almost giving up and switching topics I found my desired image, this took me approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

As for my design process I wanted to keep things fairly simple. I started this infographic from scratch. I really wanted to incorporate a pink color since it is the color of the brain. I used basic colors like black and white because I felt it contrasted best and was most visible. I chose a bold font for the title to capture attention. I also used a different type of bold font for “3 must know brian facts” to give it a little differentially. I thought by using white lines to indicate the parts of the brain made the most sense since white seemed to be the boldest color on the page.



Brain Photo

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