Coronavirus Vaccination Rates

Reflection :

To create my infographic, my preferred program to use is Canva. I’ve used Canva for the last assignments and in my past work at college and for work. I usually create my infographics from scratch and then use elements that Canva provides for you. It’s a free site so some content that is limited to use so that’s a downfall. Canva has unique and easy elements that are user/beginner friendly. This topic is a common area of study. To research this topic I used a reliable source called Our World in Data. It was easy to go through and find data for the different states in a quickly manner. With Canva, once you have your plan and your information, making the infographic is simple. Your ideas can come to life with Canva. My design process came to me as I went, when dealing with the color and fonts. I wanted to stick with mostly basic yet have one stand out color which was the blue. I loved finding the little images to make the design pop. I thought they were perfect for this infographic. For this infographic I did not want it cluttered but I wanted it filled so people would take a look at it and be able to find the information right aways. This design was different than last times because I used different graphs and I added image elements to lighten it up.

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