Down to the Cut: A better understanding of the cuts of a cow.

For this project I used a pre existing setup in CANVA. However, I did change the setup drastically to better fit the project to my needs. One of the biggest things I didn’t like about this project was my limited use of design aspects in CANVA. Although I have a feeling a lot of those limitations were on my end. For this project I didn’t actually have to do much research because I grew up on a farm were we butchered cows, so most of this was background knowledge for me. However, I did have to find photos online for this project. For my color choices I went with pink due to it being the color of uncooked meat. I also tried to highlight the text in boxes of other colors to help it standout. Overall this project only took me a little over an hour. But that was mostly in part to it all being information I really didn’t have to research.

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