Signs and Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

By: Rachel Iredale



For this infographic I decided to use powerpoint again because I am becoming more familiar with it as a n infographic program and not simply as a power point program. I started this infographic from scratch because I do not want to heavily rely on templates throughout this course. I like this program because it gives me a lot of creative control but I think other programs are better suited to make infographics specifically.

Research and Creation:

I did not have to do any research for this topic. Since I am a nursing student, I have previously learned about type 2 diabetes and all of its signs and symptoms so I was able to apply my previous knowledge to this project. I took me a long time to find a simple picture of the human anatomy that I was happy with for this project. I visited multiple different websites and tried multiple different pictures before I found one that was simple enough that it would not overwhelm the audience but detailed enough to label the picture. I spent about an hour and a half to two hours creating this infographic.

Design Process:

I have seen many labeled diagrams in doctors office so I wanted to create something similar. I used a yellow background because I think it looks professional and pleasing at the same time. I used a green to complement the yellow because I think they go well together and it makes the text easy to read. I decided to use the font because I also think it looks professional and scientific and does not distract from the information but is still pleasing. In the beginning, I positioned the body picture in the middle of the slide with the text boxes going around. This made the infographic look too cluttered and not organized. I then decided to have the text boxes going down the left side but I added a staggered appearance to give the infographic a creative look. When choosing how the lines would connect the boxes to the picture I decided to make them angled. I did this because the straight lines looked ill placed. With the lines angled I was able to combine boxes leading to the same place and I believe it is easier for the eye to follow.



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