Instagram User Breakdown

For this charts and graphs, I decided to try and create my own from scratch using Canva. I tried to work with Powerpoint and Excel and wasn’t having much luck. I tried to use a chart template off Canva for last week’s assignment, but I wasn’t too happy with how it ended up. I figured I would take a crack at it and try to create my own graphs.

I love using Canva because I feel like I’ve become so comfortable with it that I can step out of my comfort zone sometimes and really play around with new colors and themes while creating my infographics. My goal is to always make designs that are aesthetically appealing to the eye and fun to look at, which is why I decided to go with these neutral colors. This infographic definitely took me a little longer than my other ones because I was so indecisive about where I wanted everything placed on my page.

These statistics about Instagram were fairly easy to find considering Instagram is one of the biggest apps out. I found an entire website dedicated to statistics and just searched “Instagram.”

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