Mental Health and those it effects.

by: Jessica Luecke


For the program, I chose Canva again. While I use Canva for my residence life job, this class is letting me explore its possibilities a bit more. I like Canva for its colors and variety and spacing tools. This program is user-friendly and gives me endless creativity.


I chose mental health/ and mental illness because i don’t believe the topic is talked about enough. I used statistics from national statistic websites and other reliable sources.

Design process

My design process began with a color scheme. After the work i have been doing in my graphic design class and the Linkedin learning courses I took, color has become very important to me. I liked this color scheme and started in with a table. Table are not something I’ve used before but really enjoyed learning. The bar graphs were simple yet effective and tied into the aesthetically pleasing look. Lastly to tie everything together i have some flower designs off the side and even added a few outlined brains in the corners to make everything balanced.


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