Communication, COVID-19, & the Internet v.2

For the second part of the chart assignment I decided to keep my same topic and change the type of chart to display my data. My first infographic featured a pie chart and bar graph so for this one I knew I wanted to add a linear trend as well as maintaining a visual graphic. It was interesting to see the two charts next to one another and compare and contrast them. I personally enjoy my first one more, but I feel as though both achieve exactly what they were aiming for.

I used Canva once again for this assignment because it is so simple but creates amazing end results. It is really easy to move things around and re-arrange as opposed to other programs that may work with more intricate layers. The research was already done since I used my prior sources, but at the time it took around an hour to research. As a result, these designs were relatively easy this go around since I already had a solid idea of what I wanted. My design process is pretty similar each time and I mainly enjoy the freedom behind it and knowing I can alter whatever I want to.


Percentage Display

Line Graph

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