Different Home Ownership Facts in the U.S.

For this week we continued to focus on charts, graphs, and diagrams so I chose to do a donut chart and a line graph. I chose to focus on these because I felt they were probably what I was most comfortable with, but I was surprised! I spent a lot of time making these (well, the line graph at least).

For my first infographic chose to utilize Canva again. I selected a template, but ended up changing everything but the color scheme involved. I enjoyed using Canva to make these graphs other than the fact that when choosing the donut’s color scheme, it only shows you what color “Item 1” is. So, when I was trying to provide the correct corresponding color for non-homeowners it was a bit of a guessing game. I think the colors I chose look pretty similar, but if you look hard enough its definitely noticeable.

Now, for my second graph. Boy was I in for a treat. After much googling, I was still finding myself hopeless on knowing how to design my Y axis how I want it on Canva. So, I tried excel. Didn’t love excel. Tried google sheets! Voilà! I found google sheets super user friendly and easy to navigate. I was able to easily make my line graph on google sheets. I also found it very convenient that the colors on google sheets have the same # code on canva, so I was able to easily correspond the key to the lines on the graph. The only thing I didn’t like was that I had to save the graph as a picture, so I wasn’t able to edit the background or anything like that once it was on there and google sheets didn’t offer that. Overall, I feel a lot more comfortable making graphs for these infographics and I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in Canva during these last two assignments.

References: prb.org brookings.edu

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