Penn State Football Coaches and National Championships

This week’s charts and graphs is very similar to my topic last week. I decided to choose the Penn State Football program rather than creating more graphs for the NFL. I did use the same program as last week though. I found Canva charts to be extremely easy to use last week which is why I used it again. They have a bunch of templates that you can use which is what I did for this week’s assignment. I tried to use other charts, however, they were being a little tricky. I wanted to convert numbers on the chart to years, but it was not letting me. I found this to be a flaw in the program.

The Penn State Football program was very easy to research since they are a successful and well-known team in the collegiate level. I used sources such as Sports Reference and National Champs for my charts and graphs. The overall research took about a half hour since it’s pretty basic and quick information. The creation took about an hour and a half because I had a hard time finding the right templates to use.

I actually had more involvement in the design process this week than last week. I did use a template so I ended up keeping the background the same. I honestly prefer a darker background for these infographics. I decided to incorporate the dark blue to represent Penn State’s color scheme because it was originally a bright teal color. I did not want to keep the purple in the second graph, but I struggled trying to change it, the program automatically changed it to that color. I also chose to do a line chart and donut chart this week since it was different from the charts I chose for last week’s assignment.

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