Top Country Artists/Songs of 2020

By: Bri Milander

For the start of this infographic project I used google docs to create the bar chart and column chart for this assignment. I used a template then coordinated my own information in within the template itself then added in colors to organize my graph. I liked this program a lot because it was easy to navigate through and create your own with your own information. I chose to research this topic because I love country music so I thought it would be cool to search up the statistical information about it. I researched it through google and then it brought me to multiple reliable country music sites.

The research itself took me about an hour until I gathered all of the data up I found. I had to make sure it was reliable information to use for this project that’s why it took me about an hour to get all the research. Creating the infographic itself took me about another 45 minutes to an hour because I wanted to make sure it was organized and easy to read.

The design process from start to finish took me a little while because I had to make sure both graphs were color coordinated and made sense when you were reading them. I chose the font for both of the titles and made them bold so that you knew that was what the infographic was going to be about, I then chose the color for the background a neutral purple/blue for both so it wasn’t too bright to take away from the graph I made. I chose to do the title, the graph, then a description, and then chose to add pictures of the topic. I decided to add pictures to it to make it more personable and I felt like it tied the whole infographic together as a whole.

I actually wasn’t able to complete last week’s assignment because I lost track of time. This week I managed my time better and was able to complete it early this week.

Top Country Songs 2020

Morgan Wallen Streaming

Song Streams

Top Country Artist 2020.


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