Top Albums, and Songs of Bands

The program that I used to create my infographic was Canva. I have experience with Canva, as I have used it for my other infographic assignments. I used a template to make my infographic, I still have to play around to try and create one on my own. I like that you can change the pre-made templates with no problem. I haven’t found anything I dislike about the program so far.

I took me about 15 minutes to research my topic, then it took me about 30 minutes to create the infographic, so in total it took me about 45 minutes.

I used a template already made to save me time. For the first infographic, I used a yellow color template. I thought yellow was a good color to choose, because it was a bright color, and it was good with the green text. For the second Infographic, I used a white and blue color scheme. My background in my second infographic is white leaves with a blue outline. I think the blue outline looked good with the white.

For my last graphic, I had a black background for my first one and purple background for my second one, so the colors were different from this infographic to my last one.

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