Infographic: In-state and out of state students at Bloomsburg University Fall 2020

By: Devon Bideau


For this infographic, I chose to use Canva which I have been using for all of my past infographic assignments. Each time I use Canva for these projects I get more comfortable with the program. I started from scratch for these graphs because I thought that would give me the most freedom to make these charts my own. I like how easy Canva is to use and navigate but I dislike how some design elements are limited.


I researched this topic the same way that I did last time. However, I used a more trustworthy source because my information came straight from Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. It took me a little more time to research and create these graphs because I had to include different information from my previous graphs. I was curious about the numbers of undergraduate students that came from each state so that is what I chose to research. My research took me about an hour and creating these infographics took me about 15 minutes.

Design process

I wanted to create a more specific design than last time. I included headings and specific numbers this time which are really helpful when other people view the infographics. I made the color scheme the same as last time so that all of the graphs flow together. I decided to create a donut graph and a line graph because they are different graphs than last time so that I would gain more experience when creating these infographics.


Compared to my last infographics, I think I improved the amount of detail that I included in my graphs. I’m still getting used to making these graphs and I believe that there’s always room for improvement.


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