Communication, COVID-19, & the Internet

To create this infographic I used Canva. I really enjoy the ease this program provides in terms of features and functionality. I decided not to use a template for this infographic and create my own theme from scratch. I wanted to go with a light background color and keep it relatively uniform throughout. I selected a blue color because it is easy on the eyes and it has many different shades that look aesthetically pleasing. I used the charts provided by Canva and put the data in that I researched.

I researched my data on Pew Research Center and focused on the theme of COVID-19 and the internet. I researched for about an hour and a half and compiled my data and resources in Microsoft Word. The infographic took about two hours to create and the most difficult part was adjusting the sizing of the charts to have proper white space. The top and bottom headers are icons that I enlarged and adjusted to fit appropriately. I also wanted to add a direct link to gather more information on the infographic theme for those interested in current updates.


Pie Chart Data

Bar Graph Data

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