Getting to Know Me, Infographic!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is infographic_kaitlynhentschel.jpg

I used the Canva app to create my infographic. I have experience with this app & absolutely love it. I did not use a template, I don’t like templates, I made this from scratch. I choose the size I thought was appropriate for this post and began creating. One thing I don’t like about Canva, is that a lot of the clip art is not free so you have to be careful when choosing pictures/ elements to use. Since I decided to do this infographic on myself I didn’t have to research anything. This took me about an hour or so to create, and I loved every second of it.

I went into this project with an open mind. I started to think about what information was needed, and what I can add to improve it. To begin I added the frame with my picture in it, repositioned it a few times and discovered I liked it where it was. Then I added my full name. I choose a font that was direct and appealing and made my wording bold. I then decided to add the yellow square behind it to accent my yellow shirt, and to show my personality (I see myself as yellow because I brighten up every room I’m in and tend to be a very positive person). Next, I added my place of birth and birthday using different fonts to that way the information sticks out a bit more. This is when I go the idea of adding little images behind each element of my infographic. The foot is clearly a babies foot, then I added images that related to each topic. I thought this made the words stick out more and drew attention to the information. Then, I added a timeline on the bottom so others can get an idea of who I am.

I chose the white brick background because it looked good with my information and didn’t stick out but drew contrast. I also chose to use grey boxes because the black wording could easily be seen and it wasn’t distracting to the reader. The font I chose stood out to me because it was bold and easy to read. I liked the way the timeline looked at the bottom, it seemed to look more organized then I just spaced the rest of the information out so it was appealing to my audience.

References include: Canva graphics, WallpaperAccess (Republican logo)

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