Infographic Time!

The Flyers have been my favorite Philadelphia sports team (and therefore my favorite overall sports team) for my entire life. I remember back during my childhood how their minor league affiliate, the Phantoms, had their own mascot, “Phlex.” Then years later, the Flyers created their own mascot- Gritty. After some initial questioning of the decision, I (and the rest of the Flyers fandom) fell in love with the orange monster after he tweeted at the Pittsburgh Penguins, telling them to “sleep with one eye open, bird.” From the jump, it was obvious that Gritty understood the fanbase and would earn their love.

This infographic took a but to make. Initially, I was going to create one on my favorite book character- Locke Lamora from the Gentleman Bastards sequence. But I found gathering information on him to be a bit too hard, and instead chose Gritty. I knew a lot of this information going into this already, but learned a few things I likely never would have because of this assignment.

I made this on I didn’t’t use a template, I simply added the photo of Gritty and typed up the facts and called it a day. I placed the picture the way I did as to make it seem that Gritty was looking down at the facts with you. Overall, the whole thing took me about two hours to research and make.

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