Who is Harry Styles?


For my first infographic I decided to use the app “Canva.” I’ve used this app in the past, so it was a comfortable choice for me. Typically I used Canva for announcement posts on my sororities social media pages. When I would do this, I found myself using pre-made templates. However, for this assignment I decided to step a little out of my comfort zone and start this design from scratch. I really enjoyed using this app it was very user friendly and provided an immense amount of tools to make my image turn out the way it did. The one thing I felt was difficult was adjusting texts/images to the size I desired. Since I used this app on my phone I used my finger to do so, henceforth I think if I did this on my computer I wouldn’t have ran into that issue.

When it came to research, I found it quite simple finding information about Harry Styles. With help from the internet and my own personal knowledge of Harry, my infographic turned out exactly how I wanted it to look. When I was looking for information about him I made sure each source was reliable and credible. Because of my previous knowledge of Harry, it only took me about twenty-five minutes of research to find what I needed. However, when it came to the infographic itself, it took me close to two hours. I wanted to make sure that the information on Harry that I was presenting was aesthetically pleasing and correlating.

With keeping my desired aesthetic in mind, I had to follow a design process that worked best for me. First, I chose the sky background to correlate a line in Harry’s song “Sign of the times”, that I also quoted on the infographic. That line being “You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky.” I thought it was important to provide a photo of himself and his two released albums. I decided to base my color scheme off of those three photos. I used oranges, browns, maroons, blues, and whites. In addition, I really wanted to incorporate a dove because Harry has a tattoo of two doves on his chest.


Harry Styles: 2017

Fine Line: 2019

Harry Styles Photo

About Harry Styles

Harry Style’s Webpage

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