Alexis Weaver – Mass Communications Major

Reflection :

Hi! I’m Alexis Weaver and I chose to do an infographic about myself so you guys can get to know me better! I’m a senior here at Bloomsburg and just recently had an internship where I used Canva a lot to make marketing posts. I loved my experience with it so I chose to use it to make my infographic. It’s very user friendly and allows you to make your ideas come to life, plus it’s free! I started from scratch to make this because there were no templates that stood out to me. Plus my favorite color is orange so I thought that was perfect! I like abstract shapes so I tried to stick with that theme while making it. I feel like it is eye catching and appealing to the eye. The font I used is very playful but also still clean to look at. I like that when creating infographics or posts on Canva. I wanted this to come straight from my personality and I think the font, colors, and organization represents that well.

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