The Life of Aubrey Drake Graham

For my infographic, I decided to focus on the artist, Drake. I used the program, Canva, to complete this assignment. I have only used this program once in the past, however, it was only to create memes for a previous class. I found making an infographic was very tedious since all the lines, text boxes, etc. do not properly align when you move them. I ended up using their only biography template because I thought it was most appropriate for this assignment.

I already knew a lot of information about Drake so I used previous knowledge as well as Google. I know Wikipedia is not the most reliable, however, I did use this since Drake is a very well known public figure and has been in the public eye for decades. I would say it only took around an hour and a half to research him since I knew a decent amount of information about him already. The infographic took about two hours to create since I had a problem trying to format everything.

My design process was pretty simple and to the point since I used a template. I kept the same font, font size, and color since I liked what the website gave me. I deleted certain clipart because I felt that I could do away with it. I also kept the layout the same I just moved some of the pictures around as well as the text boxes and I deleted the social media links.


Picture #1 of Drake, picture #2 of the television, picture #3 of the microphone, picture #4 of Drake and his son Adonis.

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