A little bit about Me

By Dyllan Ogurkis

I utilized Canva to design this personal profile infographic. Prior to this assignment, I had no experience using this platform so creating the entire infographic was a work in progress. To begin I used a template rather than starting from scratch to get my feet under myself with this new design platform. Soon I was getting the hang of things and understanding the tools and features of Canva pretty soon, although this first infographic has some visual flaws that I will improve on as I get more accustomed to the new programs.

Throughout the infographic’s sub headings I wanted to create a blend of stock images as well as personal images, which is the point for personal images for the profile as well as ‘elements’ stock graphics for specific subheadings and categories throughout the graphic.

Overall in my design I attempted to tell a story by utilizing a semi chronological order while also hitting key points of myself in the first and last ‘sub category’ blocks within the image.

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