Discovering Paris

This infographic was created using the graphic design program Canva. I first selected one of the templates that had distinct sections where I could display multiple categories. From there I deleted all of the pre-loaded images and changed the colors, fonts, and spacing to my liking. I thought this was a very easy program to use and it has a lot of options for customization. Paying too unlock the premium tools is a con, but the paid version is not necessary to create good content.

It did not take too long to research Paris since she is a notable figure among American pop culture. I researched her through biography websites, IMDb, and other sources listed in my references below. More of my time was spent on the design of the infographic and shaping information to blend with the graphics. My design process was gathering the information in a word document, then translating everything onto Canva while finding the correct graphics. I also wanted to attribute the color scheme to her signature colors. I am proud of the way it turned out and I will definitely be using Canva again.


Black & White Photo

The Simple Life Photo

Paris Hilton – Biography

Paris Hilton – Statistics

Paris Hilton – Engagement

Paris Hilton – More Info

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