Who is Taylor Swift?

By: Jessica Luecke



For this project I chose the program procreate. I have used procreate before and I find it the easiest to showcase my creativity.


Most of the data on Taylor Swift was well-known facts. I looked up a few things, like the timeline of her albums and hometown and zodiac. She is very famous so the research was not that difficult.


I Designed this over a 4 day period, coming back and adding elements and changing them. Working on this in bits and pieces allowed me revisit the infographic with fresh eyes.

Design Process:

I already have a foundation in illustrator and photoshop but the reason I chose procreate is because one of my hobbies is digital art. I knew I wanted something with a beige color scheme and something that looked delicate and has a paper element. Taylor’s latest album has a very soft look from with I took inspiration. The font for the heading of her name was taken from a specific website and is the exact font of her album made in 2020 entitled ‘folklore’. I really like this font and any fan of hers would be able to recognize it instantly. The timeline of boyfriends was something I made ironically, and labeled “ex-lovers” as an homage to her song blank space with the lyric “long list of ex-lovers” so I thought it would add a nice touch. the stars and the circles were a creative aspect i wanted to tie in with the notebook look.






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