Thomas Rhett Infographic

By: Devon Bideau

For this infographic I used Canva. I have never made an infographic or used Canva before it was definitely a learning experience playing around with all of the features. I decided to not pick a template and start from scratch because I didn’t see any templates that would fit in with this topic.

I researched this topic on Google by just searching Thomas Rhett biography. Some of the information I previously knew from being a fan of his.

It didn’t take me long to research the topic but it took me about an hour or so to make the infographic. I found it difficult to make everything fit while providing enough information.

Since it was my first infographic, I tried to make the font, coloring, and layout as simple and effective as possible. I didn’t want to make it too messy so I just added a few pictures and the information needed. I definitely need more practice on making a better layout and will probably play around with different sites for my next infographic.

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