Morgan Wallen

By: Bri Milander



I decided for this project to use Canva. I like Canva and I am very familiar with it because I use it for the clubs I am apart of. It is very easy to use and navigate and keeps everything very organized and clean.


Morgan Wallen is the person I chose to do because he is a very well known country artist. It was very easy to find information on him and I am a huge fan of him so I also knew a lot of the facts stated on my infographic. On google there was so many websites that immediately popped up when I searched his name so it was very easy to find information on him. I learned more about him than I even knew before this project.


From start to finish I would say this project took me an hour or two. I had to begin to gather all the information I wanted to include on this infographic about Morgan Wallen. After I gathered the information I then went onto canva and created my infographic from scratch choosing the colors, shapes, fonts, photos, and text size. That took me awhile because I did it from my phone on the Canva app then when finished I had to put it on my laptop.

Design Process;

This is the first infogprahic I have ever made. So I tried to make it as simple and easy as possible to read. I looked at samples that Canva had on flyers and how they were set up and then went off of that and created my own so I could chose my colors, shapes, font styles, and size. I began to chose a picture of him and to put main points about him on the left side. I started with his name big and bold then added a photo of him and then added what he is/does then added his birthday, age, and where he was born. On the right I then began to add his album covers with photos of them so it’s eye catching. Below the album covers I added a picture of him and his son with his name and then towards the bottom on the right side I put additional information about him like height, weight, etc. I chose to colors because they weren’t too bold and flashy and I had to figure out how many photos to use and not make it too cluttered along with the text styles and fonts.


Morgan Wallen Picture

Album Covers

Morgan Wallen Statistics

Morgan Wallen and his son

Morgan Wallen Biography

May 13th zodiac sign

Sneedville Tennessee Sign

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