David Spade in a Nut Shell

By: Rachel Iredale



I decided to use Canva for this project. I used Canva because I have used it once before and am slightly familiar with it.


David Spade is a well known and beloved actor and it was easy to find information on him. I simply put his name into Google and endless amounts of information came up. I had to visit multiple different websites in order to piece together the information that I was looking for but there was an overwhelming amount of information to choose from.


It took me about 3 hours from the beginning to end of this project. It took about an hour to gather research. It took time to look through articles about David Spade and decide what information I wanted to include. The bulk of time that I took on this project was dedicated to actually making the infographic. It was difficult cutting the information down into short pieces and actually fitting it onto the infographic and making it look nice.

Design Process:

Since this is the first infographic I have made in a long period of time, I combed through the templates to get ideas. I decided to have the infographic layout go vertical so that your eyes naturally went down the page. I put David Spade’s picture at the top so the eye would be drawn to it when first looking at the page and the audience would automatically have an idea of what this infographic is about. I choose blue and yellow because I think they complement each other well are pleasing to look at. I decided to go with a bolder font for the headings of information, like “education” and “popular quotes” so the reader would know what to expect just glancing at the infographic.


David Spade’s top 20 movies

Picture of David Spade

The Wrong Missy

Tommy Boy

Grown Ups

Hotel Transylvania

College and home town

Date of birth and key features

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