Online Dating: Is it Really Worth it?

Online dating has seen an enormous surge in popularity with the creation of apps like Tinder, Bumble and other easy dating apps that attract people of all ages and for all different interests. Sometimes though, tinder can turn into tin-don’t real quick if someone online isn’t who they really are. People see that they can lie and manipulate people into being someone they are not.

The lowest number says that 18% of people lie about themselves on these dating apps because of privacy reasons whereas 25% of users lie because of fear of being bullied or harassed by others.

It is about a 50/50 split between people receiving sexually explicit images and fake accounts being set up by people trying to scam others which is very troubling. Having to worry about those things is enough to I’m sure make make people think twice when signing up and who they are swiping on.

The fact 71% of people think people are lying to make themselves more desirable is not very surprising to me since that happens in everyday life as well, the internet just makes it easier. People need to take their time and do their research before sharing their whole life with Sally Jo the blonde bimbo.

PEW Research found that 3 in 10 Americans have used dating sites from a survey conducted from October 18-28 in 2019. It surprised me that only 12% of people have been in a committed relationship with or married from whom they met through online dating. I just thought all this time that so many people used them it just had to be more effective.

A freshman I interviewed had this to say about his thoughts on these dating apps, “I find it very frustrating and pointless to even put the effort in because many people do it just looking for hookups.”

This chart breaks down the numbers a little better and shows that the numbers go as followed basically:

77% have gone on dates with someone they met online

63% come across a profile they already know offline

39% actually claim being in a committed relationship with or married to someone they met online.

Older generations seem to be more wary and not as young and dumb as many kids can unfortunately be. It pays off to know who you are going to meet so nothing bad can happen. Too many stories have gone around of something weird happening which leads to many people to be wary.

I asked my friend Gary what his opinion is on this and he said, “I am a guy so I am not as worried but if I was a girl I would definitely recommend meeting them in a public area or with friends the first time.”

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