How to Promote the Perfect Event: The Epic Guide

Individuals often find that when it comes to planning an event, they lack the expertise and time needed to plan the event themselves. This is where event planners can step in and give these special events the attention and extra detail they deserve. The next phase is getting the word out there about the event you created and that isn’t always the easiest task. An event is something you want to look back on and remember years from now and promotion will be your way of doing so. The key to a successful event is not only proper planning, but also effective promotional strategy as well.There are many steps to follow to plan a successful event and to allow for promotion to run smoothly.

To state the rather obvious, even the most impeccably planned event is doomed to fail without guests to attend. (Billetto, 2020) Inviting the right attendees can really affect how your event will play out. Mentioned in an article by Maggie Crowley, promoting an event becomes the key to a successful, profitable event. The options for event promotion are unlimited, and even with a small budget, it’s important to aim for a big impact. (Eventstant, 2012)  It is important to discuss all the options when it comes to planning promotion strategies for your event. Make sure it fits within the client’s budget and the appeal of the promotion is what the client is looking for.

Making sure that you know your audience is one of the first steps when planning who to promote the event to. Find out what your audience is attracted to, who they are friends with, what their hobbies consist of, and other things that may help you come up with some ideas. Sometimes just a few minutes of research on your audience can help answer questions which will help you plan the greatest promotion of all time. Promoting calls for pops of color, eye catching backgrounds and a description of an event that sounds like the happiest place of earth.

The visual aspect of your promotion is going to be very important as well. This is what first draws the viewer’s attention in and what will cause someone to read about your event. There are many different ways you can display the information about the upcoming event but keeping it broad but still exciting is important. Make it easy for viewers to understand your message and what exactly you are trying to get them to do. The more they are excited about your event, the more they will share about it to others and let them know when it is occurring. One of the most effective ways to get your content spread across the web is to develop visually alluring infographics that combines both information and entertainment. (Eventbrite, 2019) It is the most visually pleasing yet informative way of getting the word out there about your event.

Here is an example of an infographic you could use to promote your event!

Lastly, promoting is all about who relates with who and who happens to share the same interests. We all have things in common and when it comes to getting personal, we happen to have personal life in common as well. Help create a sense of uniqueness that your audience can’t miss by hooking them with something they can relate to. What makes your event so good that they should attend it? Explain the benefits of your event and yet, the thrill they will still get from attending.

During my first interview, I chose to ask my mother Lori some questions on planning an event and what she thinks the best way to promote one is. She spoke about the many events she has planned in her lifetime and all the stress and hard work that comes along with it. “I remember planning the annual 4th of July party for 7 years straight. It was the most stressful time of year.” I told her the research I did on promoting an event and she said she really agrees that promoting is the biggest thing to worry about. Without the word out there about your event occurring, there is no way that anyone but family will attend.

I decided to interview one more person about the interesting findings I found and that was a friend from college, Alicia who also has interest in design and party planning. She talked about the successful events she has helped plan in the past and agreed on the many challenges that come along with it. “The process is a struggle but the outcome is incredible in the end. I love to see everyone’s reactions when it all plays out.” Event planning has truly become something we both cherish in life and the thought of creating something unforgettable for others, is all I ever dream of for my future.


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