Adopt a Pet & Save a Life!


Each year millions of animals are abandoned to animal shelters and year after year due to overcrowding and such, animals lose their lives to make space for a different animal who may need it more or just be younger and healthy. 

These tough decisions are often left out of the hand of people unless they do their part and help find these animals a furever home they can be happy in! 

Many places are able to euthanize a large number of animals due to people getting themselves into a situation they were not actually prepared for and that is not fair to a poor animal who has no idea why they will not see your face again.

More times then not these animals are purchases from puppy mills and may have predisposed conditions or illnesses from the poor conditions the animals are held in.

Too many times just because a dog or cat does something that the owner finds they are irritated by or they ruin a pair of their favorite shoes is enough for people to give up on them.

More times then not our pets are what keep us going and give us that look at what a carefree world looks like and the impact us as humans can have on an animals emotions.

More times then not when your dog or cat may be trying to pester you they might see you need the extra attention and they deserve the same.

When asking friends and family their reaction to the high numbers and my friend Elias had an interesting take on it and said, “The high number of animals being euthanized shows the problem with us as people, we can’t appreciate something until its gone.”


It was startling to see the very high number number of animals that enter shelters yearly and the all so startling high number of euthanized animals that are given up or not adopted in time.

The life you touch when you choose to make the commitment to the fur friend is the same as taking on a young life and it should be taken seriously.

When have you ever seen an animal one they warm up to you not be able to make you grin ear to ear. My mom said this when I asked her why we only adopt dogs, “Dogs don’t talk back like you boys do so how can’t you love them.”

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