Effect of Coronavirus

The effect of coronavirus on our daily lives has been very impactful, to an extent where life as we used to know has drastically changed. As of late the way of life has completely changed in a lot of ways due to this deadly pandemic. Our freedom has been seized, our nation economy is crashing, sports or any form of gathering has been seized. Personally, the only good thing out of this pandemic has been the reduction of gas prices. As required by the government we are required to quarantined with our families in our homes and as of late we are also required to wear masked for any outdoor occasion. Gatherings such as going to school, church, mosque or sporting games has been halt. So clearly life as we know has been changed.

As we all know China is the root of this pandemic that is now widely spread throughout the entire world. Majority of the U.S population believe that Covid-19 will cause a great depression and recession to the nation and its citizens. The scariest part for me with this pandemic is that there is no telling exactly when it will be over or resolved. We have had a very rough start to this decade, resolving this pandemic before the end of this year would mean a lot.

In my findings after reading an article by pew research center I learned that over 20% of Americans has lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is also noted on the article that more Democrats (75%) than Republicans (58%) believe that the outbreak will cause a lot of mischief to this country. Even though both political parties are in some way expecting setback from this outbreak, but Republicans were less likely to expect a severe economic impact than Democrats. To be specific in my findings more than four in ten Republicans (44%) believe the coronavirus outbreak will lead to a recession, while another 12% of Republicans believe the outbreak will lead to depression. For the Democrats 52% believe the outbreak will cause recession while another 22% believe that the outbreak can cause depression.

Most jobs that requires public gathering has been on halt since the start of this outbreak. Americans are seriously experiencing job loss due to the coronavirus outbreak. In total 20% confirmed they or someone they know have been laid off or lost a job because of the outbreak. 27% admitted that a member of their household has experienced a pay cut or a drastic reduction in work hours. According to the data collected Hispanics, younger people and low-income people have been drastically affected by the coronavirus outbreak than none other. Almost half of the Hispanics population (49) admitted their household has an individual that lost or take a pay cut due to the coronavirus outbreak. Smaller quantity of black (36%) and white (29%) people admitted to the same problem.

As we all know Coronavirus also pose a major treat on our health. As many have already fallen victim to this pandemic but according to the data collected by pew research center most Americans (52%) view this pandemic as a minor threat, while (36%) believe it to be a major threat and only 11% doesn’t believe it to be a threat at all. Almost half of the black people population (49%) and Hispanic population (48%) believe the coronavirus to be a major threat while 30% of white people agreed to the same thing. Most affected people are adult within the age of 50 and older experienced greater personal health threat from the coronavirus than those under the age of 50.

There is a possibility that the U.S could have probably prevented the coronavirus outbreak from reaching this side of the world if the president Donald Trump could have taken a more serious precaution. The news was all over the world when this pandemic first started that was the time Donald Trump could have cancelled all flight from or into this country. Not just flight from china but from every part of the world as we all know how easy it is for an air born disease to spread. Report from pew research center stated that the public almost evenly split their view of how the president Donald Trump is responding to this pandemic. About 48% believe he has done a good job while 51% believe his response has been only fair or poor.   

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