Online Dating & Straight Men

Online dating is a struggle all genders and sexualities have to deal with during this time and era. With the increase of technology and the spread of social media and apps globally adheres to that too. The group that has the most struggles
in the end with online dating are the men group.

A lot of men around the world participate in online dating. Online dating has its advantages and disadvantages as far as staying safe with sharing your personal information and being played or catfished. According to Pew’s Research bar graph, most men who participate in online dating do not see as much success in it. They do not get as much messages back than their counterparts. Reasonably, even though they would just get to knowing each other, they deemed it as typically not as easy to communicate through message as they do not get as much feedback. This actually makes it harder for men to find friends or find relationships. But an upside to this statistic the number of having a right amount of messages are relatively similar to their counterparts. This might make men not as scared to talk to people online and continue to try online dating.
To be honest, the dating culture has taken a big turn with online dating being apart of the mix now and an option to find a partner during this time. Men gravitate towards online dating slightly more than women, but this can lead to the popular misconception that nowadays, online dating usually is used for hooking up. Which, can lead to thoughts that men online date to hookup, which is false. There are other factors in question as age and sexuality. According to, they state that “online dating has increased by approximately 36% in only two years. It’s also both clear and unsurprising that millennials (ages 18 to 34) are making more use of online dating services than their parents and grandparents”. With the increase of millennials and the following generation getting to that age and gaining knowledge of online dating it makes sense that that age group are more likely to utilizes it more. Now even more with the LGBTQ community being more involved and open than in the past. As stated in the bar chart, are slightly more than double the number of users on these online dating sites/apps than straight sexuality. I asked a male friend of mine about their opinion on online dating he said ” It isn’t that deep, it’s all about what you’re looking for, it’s more on if you even get an opportunity from the potential partner as they don’t always reply.”
Online dating like stated previously is a struggle with everyone as there is a communicative barrier as it’s not face to face. It can either go great or horrible depending on the situation. It is shown in many studies that mostly young people use and have more success than older users, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t older users using it. Older men also have a slight lead in use but that doesn’t not mean hookup culture. They are looking for something serious and stable that couldn’t be found in their personal lives. Back to the numbers only a mere 8% of men get too many messages compared to the 30% of women that get too many messages. This can show a little difficulty for men to try to find a partner/math in online dating as it shows that women do not message men as much as men message women. This can be for the fact that 46 percent of women report experiencing or receiving unsolicited sexual messages and it increases to 57 percent when it is only from the ages 18 to 34 feeling sexually harassed which is double the number compared to men. Could this be the reason that online dating is harder for men because of previous online experiences women have? Or just the fact that women do not communicate as well online? Hard to answer that personally, so I ask another friend what was their thoughts on the research and stats mention and shown. ” I think that due to the fact that a lot of sexual harassment happen already physically and online it can only be more and increase is the problem we men have struggles online dating. Not much we can do besides actually being given a chance and showing them that we’re not in for just a hookup and not to harass them. We can’t really change the already established prejudices of previous men, we can just show them we are different than the ones in the past they had to deal with”. I personally think this is valid and if more men around the US have this mindset, maybe they will have better chances for men in online dating scenarios in the near future. Flip the numbers or at least make them even to the women in the fact success.

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