1.pngThis first infographic would go before paragraph one, to show an attractive timeline look at the history of Al Worden. It would give the reader a graphic to look at and understand where the article is headed before reading into each detail throughout.

Peach Children Charity Infographic.pngThis next infographic would go after paragraph 13. My reason being because you see a lot of quotes and things that Worden was known for saying. By showing a nice looking display of all of his quotes in the article, it gives a hint that there will be more and that these are things to look out for when continuing reading the other half.Off White and Black SWOT Analysis Chart.png

Lastly, I would put this infographic after the last paragraph, number 26. I would do that just to show some history of who has landed on the moon and showcase that even though Worden had only orbited it, he was part of a huge mission and a part of history that will live on forever.


I used Canva for all three of my infographics, because I like the creative insight it gives you to start with and I had some ideas of what I wanted to do with it. It made it easier to create a timeline and add cool pictures. It also was cool to play with backgrounds and make them very related to astronauts and space themed. It took me about an hour or more to complete all three, but I like the way they turned out and the differences in each one.



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