Remembering Alfred Worden: An American Hero

The following infographics were made in remembrance of an American astronaut, Alfred Worden, who passed away March 18, 2020.

My first infographic details a bit of the Apollo 15 journey.

This first infographic would be perfectly placed after paragraphs 7 & 8, or could be used in place of the paragraphs. With a little less detail, you can still follow the gist of the story.

The second infographic details the specifics of NASA ‘nauts.

My second infographic was made to be placed after paragraph 10. It goes into further depth about the 24 former NASA astronauts whom made a trip from Earth to the moon.

The third infographic details some of Worden’s achievements post-NASA life.

My third and final infographic was made to replace paragraphs 16 & 18, with paragraph 17 following behind it. It correctly explains the timeline of some of Worden’s post-aerospace life achievements.

In conclusion, all three infographics were created on Canva. Canva has been my go-to for most of the semester, and I wouldn’t recommend anything else because of it’s useful tools. For these 3 infographics, I stuck with the navy blue/starry night meets galaxy theme. I like how you can tell these infographics were made in conjunction with each other, and aid in the storyline. While there wasn’t a ton of data on this subject, I made do and am happy with the results!


-storyline from BOLT

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