The Life of Al Worden

The first infographic I created was a timeline highlighting some important career highlights in Al Worden’s lifetime. This infographic would be placed somewhere in the beginning between paragraphs 2 & 3 because it would give viewers some perspective on the rest of the article.

The second infographic I created was based on one statistic from paragraph that stuck out to me. This infographic would be placed after paragraph 10. This would give viewers a clear image of how many astronauts have passed since their missions in the years 1968-1972.
The third infographic highlights the scholarship that is in Al Worden’s name and memory. I decided to place this one after the last paragraph because it is highlighting the quote that says he lives on through the scholarship, and it also gives insight to the program. I got the information from: and it is also linked on the graphic itself.
I used Canva to create all 3 infographics for this assignment. I decided to pick the story surrounding Al Worden’s life because it was the most interesting one to me. I was tired of hearing about the Coronavirus and the other story did not interest me as much as this one. I decided to create all my infographics from scratch. I wanted to keep a common theme among all of them so I used different pictures of space as the backgrounds that Canva had available. From there I picked color schemes based on the background image used.  A timeline felt appropriate because the story was highlighting Al Worden’s achievements. From there I just picked out things that stuck out to me in the story and that could be easily transferred into a graphic. This assignment only took me a few hours to complete.
I mainly used images available on Canva but I did grab a picture of Al Worden from this site:

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