Bloomberg to give $18M to DNC

I chose to put this graph after paragraph two to give a better visual on what happended on March 3rd. this is so a reader who doesn’t know this story might be able to understand better.
I put this one after paragraph 5 to show which states are considered the pivotal states. This can help if you know which states are primarily republican and democrat.
I put this after paragraph 12 to show just how much monoey is being donated to each cause. It is just an easier way to visualize how much is going to each part.

The program I used to create my graphics was meta-graph and PowerPoint. It allowed me to take the graphs and arrange them while adding to them. I thought the article was well written but the parts I used the graphics for were to highlight what was being said. I feel a visual can help with some of this which makes it all easier to understand instead of just reading words that can become very confusing. I created these graphics based on the articles given to me. I found this very simple to do with this article which is why I chose it. It’s also a hot topic being talked about and I wanted to show case something that people are following

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