Alfred Worden

My first infographic supports numbers 1, 4, and 11 of the Al Worden article as he has passed and it reminds people about his history and important life achievements/milestones which are briefly mentioned in these points.

My second infographic supports number 4 as it describes more about the Apollo mission itself and its objectives aside from the personal stories.

My third infographic supports numbers 3 and 4 as it gives factual support to the Apollo 15 mission and gives perspective into how big of a deal it actually was.

I used Canva to create my infographics. I used templates but deleted most of the content that was originally on them. I only chose the template for color and font purposes. I like this program as everything is in one place and all you have to do is add your information. I researched this topic for about 15 minutes and took about an hour or so to create the infographics. Once I got all of my information, I typed it out and then arranged it accordingly once I inserted elemental images.

The whole story of Apollo 15 and Al Worden’s life was very fascinating. I find it interesting that following the mission, they got into some legal trouble with the covers that they had. I am glad to know that Al sued the government and got his covers back. I don’t believe they ever should have taken them in the first place considering his vast accomplishments and what he and the other crew members did for our country. However, I thought this would be difficult to make an infographic about so I focused on factual information to sum up Al’s life as well as the Apollo 15 mission.


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