Alfred Wordan & Apollo 15


For this first infographic I wanted to tell the audience what Al is remembered for. This infographic took me about 30 minutes. I decided to use Canva for every infographic I completed within this story. I used paragraphs 1 and 3 from the article. The other information that I gathered was from Wikipedia, as well as his photo.

Apollo 15

For my second infographic based on the article topic, I focused on Apollo 15I did not use any information from the actual article. I gathered information from The pictures I used are found on and wikipedia.

Al's time spent with nasaFinally, on the third infographic I utilized more of the information from the article and covered the time Al spent with NASA. I used paragraphs 9, 15, and 23. The rest of the information was gathered from and The clip art was from Canva. The other photos were gathered from and All in all, I enjoyed making these infographics because the information was already given, and it gave me a chance to be creative.

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