#1: The first infographic would go under paragraph #3. I made this infographic to go after #3 because it states “Al was an American hero whose achievements in space and on Earth will never be forgotten.” The infographic then gives more details about what some of those achievements are to sum it up for the reader and give them a better understanding of how he is an “American hero” and how he is well known.


#2: The second infographic would go after #13 where it talked about his life and growing up. This infographic is a timeline of his life and what he did to get to where he was and how successful he became. It gives more insight into who he is and what got him to where he is.


#3: The last infographic would be after paragraph #18. This infographic shows more about his books and their titles and who he was more as an author side of things.


I got the information from this website, and this website, and some from the article. The color choices I choose to go with the NASA and Apollo 15 colors, red blue and white, also added some black for space effect. I made it on Canva because I thought of a possible easy way to fix the bar graph issue with the words spreading to big and not fitting. I put “Book 1, Book 2, Book 3” then gave a key what the books and their numbers corresponded to! It worked out better.

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