Italy Coronavirus

This will help give more background and information on paragraph 20, It will help by giving more insight on how the cases, deaths, and recovery rate are in Italy compared to other countries.
This infographic was based on paragraph 6, I made a bar graph that shows the comparisons of the amount of people in intensive care and the availability of beds for people to stay in.
This infographic will be under paragraph 26, it will help give more context to the death of the 66 year old who died in Italy. It shows the ratio and the percentage of people deaths and shows who are more likely to catch it and die.

The program I used to create my graphics was Canva. It allows for easy editing and adding of charts and bars. I chose this article as it’s a major topic right now and I thought it was important to inform on. The parts I used the graphics and charts I used were for more of the data heavy parts and to help give more context on certain aspects of the article and Coronavirus in general. I found this very simple to do (especially with the use of the Canva program) with this article which is why I chose it. It’s also a hot topic being talked about and I wanted to show case something that people are following

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