This infographic would go before the second paragraph. I think it’s a nice place to put an introduction of the main character as well as some background information.

This will go under paragraph five. I think my infographic will help point out Al’s achievements throughout his years as an astronautical scholar.
My last infographic will fall under the 9th paragraph. This information will let the reader see in a form of a timeline on Al Worden’s history with NASA.

Overall, I was confused with this project. I was unsure if these were the expectations that you are looking for. But then again, I did enjoy designing these infographics. I enjoy this class and I am looking forward to the last week until finals. Since we had to design three infographics, this took me a few hours. I choose to do dark colors of purple because I believe purple represents space and aliens. Green also reminds me of aliens but I wanted my infographics to come off dark like space. I made my designs on Canva since I really enjoy using that website. Overall, this was a fun project.

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