The Italian Crisis: Numbers from Italy’s COVID-19 Epicenter

Out of the three articles provided for us I chose to go with Italy’s epicenter for the coronavirus. Throughout this article there were TONS and TONS of information including lots of statistics. I chose to focus on parts of the article that stuck out to me the most. Below is a graph about hospital beds in the Pope John XXIII Hospital in Italy.

Hospital Beds

The article stated that 500 people were in the hospital suffering from severe COVID-19 symptoms. 80 of those people were being treated in the intensive care unit. Obviously if I were to display 500 of anything it is going to become overcrowded and a lot to look at. I chose to represent this data with one bed equaling 20 patients. 

Since the article has been released, the total number of deaths has obviously increased. In the article it said more than 600 people died which accounted for a quarter of all the deaths in Lombardy. Now the number has significantly jumped to 13,106 deaths in Lombardy. I decided to include it with this graphic and it is “we believe the true numbers are hidden.” These numbers only represent the people being tested for the virus, not the ones just sitting at home not getting tested. So to really know how many cases are out there is again, scary.



For this next graphic I chose not to focus so much on numerical values and statistics and more on the dramatics of the situation. On March 9, Italy issued a nationwide shutdown to potentially flatten the curve of this illness. This is very serious so I feel highlighting it in an info graphic would be important. As you can see I included little padlocks as the “Os” to add some effect.Shutdown

For the last graphic I chose to talk about the amount of funerals being held. Head of a local funeral home association, Antonio Ricciardi, said on an average month he will see around 100 funerals. Between March 1st and March 8th, a one week span, he saw about 6x the monthly average. six times 2


Over all this project was interesting. It was fun picking out data that you wanted to represent. I was shocked to see the data about Italy’s epicenter.


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