Number of Black Bears Harvested by County in PA

For this weeks infographic, I created a map of all the counties in Pennsylvania and how they stack up against one another when it comes to the number of black bears harvested. This assignment was relatively easy to create the actual map after I had all of my data collected. Gathering all of the data itself and actually figuring out which counties had to be in which category was relatively challenging and just very time consuming, I spent time two different days working on this map. One day spent researching the data, and writing down the numbers for each county, the other day to actually construct the map. I got the data through an image I found on and then used a different image for my template to add the colors to ( I used Photoshop to add the colors to the map, and then exported that image and opened it in InDesign to create the actual document. The colors I chose were pretty random, I found the color palette on Adobe Color, and just liked the colors. I also found some vector images of a bear and some bear paws on google that I incorporated into my design.

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