Cases of Coronavirus by Chinese Province


*Editor’s Note: I used Statistica’s “Currently confirmed” case number instead of “Cumulatively confirmed”

For this map, I decided to highlight the parts of China infected with the coronavirus. It turns out, from the information I found, that China isn’t completely infected. Its just certain parts of the country. Using the statistics provided by Statistica, I colored the provinces by varying shades to coincide with the number of cases. I know the numbers aren’t perfectly even, but with the dramatic range of statistics, I had to make a choice to group the numbers closest to one another.

So even by doing this map, I’ve learned what parts of China are infected and which are not. Many of the coastal provinces, inner provinces and cities. Notably, the desert and mountain regions are left untouched by the virus. Tibet and Inner Mongolia had no reported cases.

My map leaves out the surrounding countries because I wanted to show China. That’s why India, Nepal, and the Koreas were left out. I had to erase Mongolia to make the legend.

I wish there were more numbers for this map to use, because I feel like this infographic doesn’t cover as much as others in the blog do.

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